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During the summer holidays, 17 girls, Miss Masterson, Miss Woods and Mrs Link, set off on a Scuba Diving adventure to the Mexican Island of Cozumel. All girls took part in a PADI Open Water diving course, which involved 4 dives, a quick theory test and learning a couple of drills to make the underwater experience much easier. During our dives, we were lucky enough to see marine life such as turtles, sting rays and nurse sharks, as well as thousands of graceful fish. Our free time included relaxing by the pool, playing several games of beach volleyball and visiting an inflatable water park in the ocean. During the evenings, we would experience different aspects of mexican cuisine and watch firedancing on the beach whilst taking in the incredible vista. This trip was an incredible opportunity which allowed girls to improve their team working skills and to explore a world they have never seen before


Comments from the girls who came on the Dive Tour to Cozumel in July 2016

Violette Petorius

Overall I found the trip great since the location, resort and people were awesome. There was plenty to do at the resort and the layout of activities enabled us to have fun and complete all the necessary work to get our diving qualification. Personally I would have maybe done at least one excursion outside of the resort because by the second free day although I was glad of the rest, I found myself getting a little bored. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and the positive and encouraging environment created by the teachers, friends and dive instructors made getting the qualification (which was challenging at times) a fun and fulfilling experience, which I hope will be continued for other people to enjoy.


Serena Baghi

Thank you all for an amazing time in Mexico! I think the trip has had the perfect balance of chill time, learning, diving and fun activities. The company has been great, the teachers had the perfect balance between joking with the girls and discipline and it was incredible to have the opportunity to bond with other girls I’d never heard of in other years who I can now call some of my closest friends The resort was beautiful and I had an amazing time taking part in activities that I wouldn’t usually do on a family beach holiday like playing volleyball, rounders and basketball with both friends and teachers. I think that the diving course was great, the theory lessons may have been a tiny bit long as you may have heard but have inspired me to do an extended project on how tooth cavities/fillings are affected so much by diving! The actual diving was an experience which I will never forget and a skill which I wish to improve and continue later on in life. I understand that this suggestion would be hard and maybe impractical but I think I would have been a little less exhausted if the 3 dive days were spaced out throughout the trip instead of doing 6 dives in 3 consecutive days. Other than this, I think this trip was extremely well organised and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take up this unique experience.


Melissa Yuan

I really enjoyed this trip. I loved the experience of diving and without this trip I would not have considered or have had the confidence to dive.

I loved the resort and all the workers and activities there, however I would have also loved to go on some day trips, for example to see the mayan ruins. However the free days were useful as the diving was quite tiring.

I love the people at the dive shop and the instructors were all amazing and encouraging and helped make the trip amazing. The theory lessons were quite long and could be quite repetitive but it was all part of the experience. I really loved the diving, especially seeing the wildlife.

I really loved that I was able to bond with all the girls on this trip, no matter what year they were in. We were all able to support one another and look out for each other. I really loved it!


Paige Watts

I found the trip incredibly fun and enjoyable.

The diving was incredibly fun and offered new challenges, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful in both diving and throughout the resort.

The hotel was very comfortable and I enjoyed staying there. The only fault I can find is with having free days. I found myself getting bored and trip out of the resort on these days would have been nice (free mornings/afternoons were good as they offered time to rest).

I personally really liked the trip as it gave me an opportunity to interact and make friends with new people, something I wouldn’t have done otherwise, as well as have lots of fun, thank you!!!

Aman More

The trip was so amazing! I think the idea of going to Mexico to scuba dive was such a unique idea that it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. The resort was so wonderful, the activities and facilities were all so good and it was hard to get bored. The scuba diving was great – even though it took me a while to get the hang of it eventually, the diving was something I looked forward to. Honestly, I’m so grateful to everyone at the dive shop who helped me because without them I would have quit and decided to not try and complete my PADI.

The people at the hotel were incredibly friendly and the atmosphere was always upbeat and happy.

In my opinion, the only things that could be improved were the free days in between dives, I think that it would have been interesting to explore the island and see other think like the Mayan Ruins.

Also the theory sessions were slightly draining because of how long each theory lesson lasted.

Overall, I loved the trip and the teachers were so fun to get to know. I would come on this trip again.

Isabel Russell

I found the whole trip amazing, everything was very well organised and very relaxed. It brought me closer to people in other years and they helped to give me confidence in something which at the time appeared quite daunting. The diving staff were very professional however at the same time were chilled about the whole course which in turn made it more enjoyable. The hotel was great and the staff were lovely. The activities were good but it would have been nice to have a trip to see a bit more of the island. Overall it the best trip I’ve been on.

Charlotte Smith

Although I only participated in the theoretical aspects of the course, I really enjoyed taking part in it, finding it challenging, but not so much so that it wasn’t enjoyable. Despite me not doing the actually diving part, I would still say that the practical side was a lot of fun and suitably challenging based on the fact that I was able to see all the girls before and after the dive and their excitement as they surfaced after each dive. There is very little I would change as the resort was amazing, the teachers were fun and unbelievably supportive and the length of the trip felt about right. Possibly it would be nice to spend a day in town on the island on one of the free days towards the end of the trip. Overall, I had a fantastic time and I am very grateful to have been able to take part in it. Thank you for everything!


The unique idea of a scuba diving trip was amazing. I enjoyed bonding with people not only in my year, but other years too. I found the teachers were very accommodating and understanding with our requests and gave us a lot of freedom, which in turn made the trip enjoyable. The resort and activities were amazing and enable us to make new friends and the staff there were so friendly too. The actual diving was unbelievable and an experience I will remember for years and gave me skills that I can hopefully take with me and the dive shop people were so lovely.

A few things I would say is the theory lessons were too long and in turn were hard for us to concentrate for the whole duration so maybe if they could diving them a bit more. It also would’ve been amazing if we could go out to explore the island on one day for an excursion other than that it was the best trip!

Lauren Southall

Loved the entire thing, the hotel was gorgeous- not too modern and still in touch with nature. The diving and staff involved were fabulous – no faults there. Overall an amazing experience and very good idea. Thank you.

Key highlights of the resort/hotel

  • The amount of activities available to everyone at the resort and how interactive the staff were
  • You could both look casual and smart – no pressure to be one or the other
  • The fruit

Of the diving

  • All of the staff at the diveshop were so love and helpful
  • Destinations couldn’t have been better, the views were amazing and the water was so pretty, never seen anything like it
  • Everyone experienced pretty much the same thing so the atmosphere around diving became more communal


The company

  • Simply a lovely group of people, including staff, everyone was so nice and helpful
  • Wouldn’t have asked for other staff.   The ones on the trip were so supportive and calming.
  • Got to know new people and make friends which isn’t always easy but I’m so glad I was able to.


Disadvantages – trip out into town maybe?

  • Extensive theory lessons


Francesca York


Diving tends to come naturally to me, I find there’s nothing more relaxing than being able to float relatively effortlessly while breathing underwater, unless of course you feel your lungs and ribcage are about to explode! Hence I came to Mexico with nothing but high hopes and bags of excited energy. Our trip did not fail to deliver as I am now leaving exhausted but very fulfilled especially becoming an advanced diver. The theory was not particularly exciting but of course necessary and the practical work was challenging but more than enjoyable. This will be a trip I remember forever having made lots of wonderful friends and memories. So thank you for working your socks off to deliver a great tour as I can’t imagine another team could have done it better.

Side note: I will love Louie till I die, despite his girlfriend and child!

Looking forward to the next one!


Lily Gain

This has been an incredible experience! For me, the most memorable part is having the chance to spend 10 days with some of my closest friends in a beautiful place. Overall the main reason why I wanted to come to Mexico was to get over my fear of fish! I haven’t always felt very confident swimming in the sea but I knew if I didn’t challenge myself now, I never would. Therefore despite the problems with my ear and not getting my qualification, I can confidently say I like fish and I cannot wait to complete the course when I am able. Another great thing about the trip is that every has been very relaxed and we were given lots of freedom. Thank you so much for organising the trip it really has been so unique and we are very lucky to have been able to come on it. I can’t wait for Mexico 2018!!


Eva Neville

I really enjoyed this experience because I got the chance to bond and get closer to people not only in my year but the year above and below. This is a really unique trip and I wouldn’t have the confidence to learn to dive on my own without my friends and their constant encouragement even when I was find the trip at time emotionally challenging as well as physically.

The only con of the holiday would be the theory lessons and their length.


Raushan Takhar

I found the experience extremely enjoyable. At first I was a bit apprehensive because I had never been diving and I was nervous as to what to expect. However, I was excited to go because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to have fun with my friends and share the experience. I found that the reading and theory section of the trip, although arduous and quite time-consuming, was very beneficial as it helped a lot when it came to practically applying the knowledge and it was interesting in itself. When it came to the dive, I was excited but also extremely nervous. I thought that the group sizes were very good and the instructors were so kind and helpful. The dive itself was fun and an extremely unique experience. I was glad that in one session, two dives were completed because the dives, although fun, were tiring and draining. I enjoyed the free time and the resort was a lot better than I had expected.   Overall, the trip was lovely and I enjoyed myself greatly, as well as managing to complete my PADI award. Also, the staff were awesome and the trip should definitely be available for other girls.


Thank you to all the staff that organised this trip, without them none of this would be possible.

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